Recital Preparations

It’s that time of year. Yes, the season of “do I have to memorize this?” and my answer is always YES. We are much better at the things we don’t have to have every brain cell focused on, so we can think of other more important things. If you are constantly trying to remember what finger goes where, then you will have no idea that in the process your bow has traveled almost up to your nose. Not ideal. 

To encourage those memorizing-skeptics, we focus on just little pieces of our songs at a time, and slowly compile this vault of information that is held captive in our musical memories. Until it fills each minute crevice, until we are to the point of being able to not only sing our piece, but it is the first thing you think of when you lie down at night or wake up in the morning. THEN it is memorized.

Does that mean you have to play it a lot? Yes. Life is always lacking time, so if you have a day that is jam packed, just LISTENING is helpful. 

So to parents trying to quell the “I can’t do this!” response, they can and always do. It just isn’t always easy 🙂Image


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