fall preparations

Dear Studio Families and Readers,


My deepest apologizes for my lack in posts! I have spent the last two months in a crazy teaching/study/research mode, and this fall you will see an energized, creative and motivated teacher back in this beautiful purple studio.

I have many posts planned to spread the amazing information and energy I have accumulated this summer, but for now I leave you with 2 items:

  1. Students : Fall semester registration is currently happening and spots are filling up! Go to www.omahacm.org to register online.
  1. LISTENING. It has never been and will never be an option not to listen. Learning an instrument is not for the feint of heart, but the listening to your student’s piece is VITAL to moving forward on their musical journey.

Total confession: If I get stuck in the “I’m too exhausted to practice at 10pm at night) time-warp, I make SURE I have my music on my phone and in my car so I can not only get the ear for it but the feel of it.

(more goodies to come soon!)

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