Keeping them on their toes

ImageI love to find new motivators in my studio (and life in general.) Sometimes you just need to leave things up to chance and revel in the excitement of not knowing what is coming next, and the “paper fortune teller” is a great way to enjoy that mystery.

This origami-esque paper game allows the student to choose their fate without knowing the consequence. I have used this in my studio this week to help choose our warm-ups and to loosen up not just our bodies but our brains and creativity as well! A beautiful blog of I Still Love You created two to use: one for chores and everyday life, and a blank one to use for your music practice, choosing who gets to sit in the front seat, or what to eat for a snack!

I love the fact that you get to choose, yet the final choice is out of your control. Click HERE to visit Melissa Esplin’s page and download the paper fortune teller.

Does anyone else have a great way to get through the tough choices of our daily practice?


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