improv and teaching resources (and a monkey.)

Prompts-for-Piano-ebook-sample-950x629-600x397There are so many wonderful teachers that provide and share resources, but no one organizes quite like a piano teacher (as hard as the rest of us try…)

Joy Morin from Color In My Piano has oodles of fascinating teaching tools she generously shares on her blog, and the one that intrigued me most today was a composition/improv prompt ebook she is selling entitled Composition and Improvisation for the Piano ($16.)

What this makes me want to do is to set some similar parameters for my cello students to help them with exploring the idea of improv on our beautiful instruments. So much of what we do is interpreting notes and memorizing what composers have set forth, so anytime I can throw in something that encourages a student to explore their creativity then I’m all in!

Prompts-for-Piano-ebook-cover-950x629-600x397Maybe if I created flash cards with a simple visual, and on the back had specific notes they were limited to, with dynamic/articulation options…this could be a great start! Thank you Joy for the inspiration!



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