blog love: Stark Raving Cello

Sooo, I believe that each instrumentalist has similar personality types that identify with their chosen instrument. For example, surviving violinists tend to be a fairly organized, self critical and competitive. Bassists are laid back and jovial, violists are usually the truly odd ones, and then we have cellists. Obviously I am biased, however we seem to be somewhat introverted, helpful, and quite quirky (in understandably the best way.) no_its_not_a_guitar_bumper_sticker-rbe06d88d944d4c4c857725030239c4a4_v9wht_8byvr_512


One such splendidly unique cellist is Emily Wright, author of A Modern Cellist’s Manual and delightful blog Stark Raving Cello. Here Emily shares stories of her playing, studio, travels, and love affair with a cello that just wasn’t meant to be. I highly suggest visiting her blog for wonderful adventures and to find out what holiday Cellomas is.

Oh, and she has a great bumper sticker:



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