a verbal polaroid of my life

As I enjoy getting to share things with you about my cello (still unnamed,) teaching, student comments, and general wonders of the world, it occurs to me that you really don’t know much about, well, me. Not that I am vain or anything, but maybe this snapshot into my immediate present will give you perspective on where I’m coming from with my crazy music ideas. Enjoy!

At this point in life I am:

Eating / typically veggies and pasta, but right now Woats organic snack (always yes to PB.)
Drinking / coffee – always coffee.
Practicing / my cello with lots of technique heavy pieces (my next goal is the Lalo concerto – how have I put this off?)
Mastering / committing to too many things but enjoying when they all pay off. (never works out for baking my own bread though.)
Learning / to schedule non-work time
Trying / to not kill my tiny little garden but I think the squirrels stole all my bulbs.
Playing / board games with my husband.
Finishing / a painting. a terrible, terrible painting.
Reading / the helpful: The Art of Playing Cello (can never have too much technique knowledge, although it is dry) and a book from the Pink Carnation series – it can’t be all academic people. Circle cebj
Remembering / that my friends from every corner of the world are wonderful and shaped me to where I am today.
Wearing / jeans and heels. I can’t help myself.
Cooking / homemade pizzas – oh the cheeeeese.
Working / on getting a Cello Sprouts program off the ground. It’s gonna happen.
Traveling / I”m currently North of Chicago at the Chicago Suzuki Institute, but I do see a weekend KC trip in my future…
Wanting / to be creative. always.


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