adventures in teaching vol. 1

One of my favorite things about teaching at the Omaha Conservatory of Music is getting to be a part of the music and teaching community. And sharing our wonderful stories about our adventures in teaching and interaction with students, of course!

This week is no exception. Some of my favorite moments included introducing the Sparkle Wand for a pre-twinkler to practice their bow hold on, having a book 2 student play their piece backwards from memory, and then there was Ninja Bowing.

Ninja bowingPre-twinkler I will affectionately name little Jay is learning to play on two strings now. To remind him in our current song that he must prepare the bow and change strings before playing I added my ninja friend to the tip of our bow. To practice these bow changes we had to give the ninja elevator rides up and down from each string. As his 1/10th sized cello bow is tiny, if he did it correctly the ninja would actually fly off the tip of the bow for an even more dramatic effect.

Ninjas are awesome.


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