memorable ocmi words

Teaching at the Omaha Conservatory of Music’s Institute is always one of the most magical weeks of the year. You can accomplish almost anything with enough hard work and passion, and you SEE the results within 7 days!

Dodgeball 2014

Of course it is massively fun too, and I thought I would share a few facts that I now know to be true from this week:

  • song of the Wind sounds like Baa Baa Blacksheep
  • don’t put frog (the animal) stickers on a bow – it is confusing
  • violinists have a LOT of viola joke
  • 6 year-olds talk a lot of smack about dodgeball, even after they get hit in the face
  • it is more likely that mom may let you have a chocolate cupcake if you refer to it only as a chocolate muffin
  • teaching masterclasses in a monotone voice to prove a point is really hard
  • you can alter a colleague’s reputation forever by referring to him as Dr. Banana once
  • some students realized that even if they are ok with boring playing I will never be
  • shock and awe works
  • 4 year old cellists can learn the beginnings of thumb position well

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