new year, new goals

I am a goal-setter and deadline-maker. Without these key habits I would not be able to accomplish half of what I actually can.

As we embark on a new school year I always start the year reviewing our strengths, identifying our weaknesses, and setting goals that we wish to accomplish by next May. During our fist lesson we fill out the 2014 Student Goal Sheet for Ms. Candace’s Studio which encompasses the following:

  • Pieces I have perfectedPhoto Aug 23, 11 06 20 AM
  • Current working piece
  • What I am good at
  • What I need work on
  • New skill I want to learn
  • Goal to be attained by next May

Each fall we look at last year’s list, see what we accomplished, and make fresh new goals for what we can accomplish together! The next thing I need is to be able to keep tracking student goals throughout the year with them to help them stay on their goal paths!

What works for you in setting and achieving your goals?


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