use what you got

As we have concluded the insanity of the holiday season and prepare to re-enter the normal world, it is easy to get caught up in making huge resolutions that we kill ourselves trying to keep for a month or so and then feel frustrated when we can’t keep it up all year round.

Here is my version of cello resolutions that I hope helps me to avoid this!

Choose a monthly focus/goal. Instead of choosing something for the whole year, I will focus on finding something each month that will help my playing and teaching. For example, this month I resolve to find 30 minutes each day for me to play pieces on my cello that make me happy. Not grueling études and technique passages I know I need to work on, but work on encouraging my joy for my instrument.

Use what you have. I seem to always be on the hunt for new books and pieces to help my students succeed. Now I am not saying I won’t buy anything this year, but I do promise to go through all of my library and find new ways to use my books. Each time I do this I find wonderful gems that help a student in a way I hadn’t thought of before.

Give more compliments. I don’t believe in giving false confidence, but I dothink musicians as a whole can be more competitive than Is necessary. This year I will focus on finding 2 great things/points I admire in someone’s performance before the truly analytical portion of my brain kicks in.

What do you plan to do this 2015?

Today's goals


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