practice recipe #9: go fish!

Fish1Games are fun – I don’t care how old you are. One of the favorite games I had as a tiny child was the fish game, and I remember never tiring of it. In the last few years I’ve heard of teachers using it in their studios, and I thought I’d give it a go. And…I LOVE it. Like Mr. Potato Head but a smidge more challenging for the student. Here’s how I use the mechanical fish game:

Each color of fish represents a section of our lesson (or could be used for sections of practice at home.) Example:

RED: review
LIGHT GREEN: technique focus (maybe finger dexterity)
YELLOW: theory
DARK GREEN: current piece

This creates a wonderfully quick way to structure home practice for littles! It helps students to see how many things they have left and they tend to forget what the colors mean and keeps the element of surprise! This can be used for older students as well to decide which technique to practice if they are dragging their feet.

So, go fishing (even though it’s January.) Fish2


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