small wins

There are all sizes of wins, right? If you set out a goal of sight reading through a new piece, that is a “do it or don’t” kind of win. But what about the big battles, like learning a new sonata or getting control of your vibrato? Those are hard-core journeys that take time.

But who is motivated by “it’s going to take me 10 minutes a day for 2 months to conquer this thing?” Not most. So how do you motivate yourself halfway through this waging war?

Small wins.

Finding what you now can do that you couldn’t do before is quite a shot of adrenaline. You my not be able to play the entire sonata yet, but you have a good grasp of the first page. The vibrato sounds more like a sick cow, but it is an improvement from the “Janis from Friends laugh” that it was! Small win!

So when it feels like you are wading through the mud battling towards the thing you want, take a quick look behind you and see the path you have overcome to get here. And then keep going.



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