rosin dust isn’t glamorous

You practiced! Congrats! (insert happy dance here)Rosin dust

Now what? Pack up? NO, sir. After a fruitful (or fruitful-ish) practice session what every good cellist needs to do is to wipe down those strings that you just finished rocking on. I know it may not seem life or death, but here is what happens if you do not wipe down your strings and cello of rosin dust each time you play:

  1. Rosin builds up and eventually will make you sound scratchy.
  2. It dulls the varnish on your cello
  3. Eventually it doesn’t come off.
  4. Ms. Candace will try to take it off with a cloth and make those terrible nails-on-chalkboard sounds until you cry uncle.
  5. It stains your case.
  6. Serious cranky face from Ms. Candace
  7. (Extreme:) Your will need new strings.

So, I am thrilled that you practiced. Now wipe off that magical dust.


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