today’s teaching

The great thing about my job(s) is that they are never boring. Even on a day that I look forward to a good 4 hours of working on one project, that will just never come to fruition. It’s just life.

Students are the same way. Each student is unique, and will be a giant puzzle half the days they walk into my studio with their cellos. Some days are tough to get my message (whatever that is that day) through, and others are full of breakthroughs – they realizeactually know what I’m talking about!

Today I taught something a student has been dying to know, gave way too much information to another, tortured students to sightread Irish reels, and saw a student finally create an amazing vibrato they have been working their fingers to the bone for. That made me tear up. To see an actual breakthrough in someone’s sound and confidence – that is a precious moment. Not the doll kind – their eyes are way too big.

So Monday had it’s good meetings, valued project time, brainstorming solutions that never came, and three cups of coffee before I even saw my first student. I think I can call this one a win. Music


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