Life is worth celebrating everyday. I know that seem like a saying that is needle-pointed on a pillow, but worthy just the same. We have been focused on feeling the small wins in our playing and practicing the last few months, but throwing a mini-party when you finally figured out vibrato or have successfully organized your closet is more than warranted. (I didn’t kill my plants yet – dance party!)

V bowhold

We have had a ton of great work on bow holds in the studio this spring! Here is one of my littles showing off her mad skills.

Birthday bikeSomeone got a birthday bike… and it’s me! Mr. Cody spoiled me rotten and has since been torturing me with long bike rides. I do see a little trek to the farmers market in my near future (tomorrow.)

Birthday flowers

A beautiful voice teacher from OCM gave me these intoxicating flowers from her garden and a serving set! She is such an inspiration to me; always finding new ways to encourage, inspire, and push her students forward. I need to channel some of her craftiness. In many ways. Students you have been warned.

Creepy dryden

It is summer! Which means the annual playing of pops concerts outside. I do love the opportunity to play some John Williams and rock a fedora and sunglasses while I play/try-to-keep-music-on-my-stand. My viola partner in crime Dryden and I are particularly good at posing for pictures.

Circle cake

There have been tons of birthdays in the studio over the past month, two of which are now driving! Seriously, how can you not be happy in the month of June? Below I have shared with you one of their birthday cakes (IT’S A CELLO!!!!) and a beautiful gift from a student who figured out how to play happy birthday. Seeing students use the tools they have acquired to learn something on their own is one of the greatest gifts. That and chocolate – never forget that.


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