why should i practice?

Practice has 2 important purposes:

  1. To improve
  2. To enjoy

IMPROVING is necessary, and happens if you are practicing daily. When we improve, we ENJOY. Enjoyment also occurs when we feel good about what we’ve done, when we gain confidence in our abilities, and are proud about how we sound.

So, how do we improve while enjoying? Good question. First this…

New academic year


I have created a practice sheet to help my students with this (Though now that I think about it I should re-name it something ridiculously fun like “Improvement Inducer.” Or not — see, this is why I keep my creativity in processes and games, and not in naming things.)

weekly practice chart – full page

weekly practice chart - full pageAs you can see, things are broken down into key areas (listening, review, tone, reading/tech/theory, current pieces, goals) to help students focus on what they should spend their time on. It is vital for us to agree on the goal for the week, otherwise if you come to your next lesson having rocked something else but I asked for a flawless D scale to be executed, then insert crushed dreams here.

I know teachers have many tools they use to help students, and I’m always open to ideas! Maybe I should put staff paper on the back and create some composition/writing assignments…


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