new year, new…1’s..?


There are plenty of people that have already broken their resolutions, and I even know a faction of friends that make a serious number of resolutions  for each area of their lives. (Talk about serious achievers.) But I haven’t had luck with either of these tactics as things then to fall off the rails as soon as mid-January occurs.

So instead I am making list of things I wish to accomplish this year, not just generic ideas that could come or go. Something I can measure. After all, that what teachers do right? We measure to assess progress, and then adjust. And so…

Things I will do in 2016

  • learn 1 new flashy cello piece
  • re-learn 1 old piano piece (from back in the day, which was a Wednesday)
  • spend 1 night each week being a homebody, doing whatever makes me happy
  • discover 1 new favorite cocktail
  • send 1 encouragement to someone each month
  • take 1 picture each day that I am proud of
  • go on 1 vacation (at least)
  • update 1 medium thing in my house

After putting this down in writing, I am noticing that it is just 1 thing. Aiming for 1 thing seems small and doable, right? It even seems to even out, as 1 big cello piece kind of equals 1 focused moment each day (sort of…) so it also doesn’t feel like cheating.

What will you plan this year?


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