wonderfully terrible christmas music finale 2015


Friend gatherings, cookie decorating, Muppet Christmas Carol…man, I love the holidays! Here is the complete installation of the #25daysofwonderfullyterriblechristmasmusic and a few fun shots from this crazy month. Peace and joy to you and yours!

Ella the reindeer

Ella Fitzgerald the cold-nosed reindeer!

Spelling stockings

A loving in-law forgot how to spell my name 🙂

Holiday piano

Time to jam!



wonderfully terrible christmas music days 6-13

Christmas sign round
And the collection continues! If you missed days 1-5 of #25daysofwonderfullyterriblechristmasmusc, check it here!

#6 A breathy “Oh Santa” by Kylie Minogue

#7 “12 pains of Christmas” with terrible audio and GREAT video

#8 Weather Girl’s “Dear Santa (Bring Me a Man) 80’s YES!
#9 (You know I love a cappella but…) Sing-Off’s “Little Saint Nick”

#10 I needed a pick-me-up so the WONDERFUL Rockapella “Glow Worm”

#11 a creepy/sad minor version of “All I Want for Christmas is You”

#12 the great Love ctually “Christmas is All Around” 

#13 is not really a Christmas song but surely a new classic from Christmas Queens album “This is How We Jew It”

Enjoy this & last year’s complication!