growing pains (and excitement)

The school year is winding down, and not only does it inspire to measure ourselves with how far we have come this year but also our bodies. 

Have you outgrown your cello?

Our bodies grow at different rates, and some of us have longer torsos than legs (stop staring at me.) To ensure students have the proper size of cello, there are four main measurements needed to properly gage what size of cello is required (see diagram):


  1. from top of the head to the bottom of the tushie on the chair
  2. from the “vp bone” (bone where your neck meets the shoulders) to the bottom of the tushie
  3. from knee to the tushie
  4. from the shoulder out to the tips of the fingers.

Once these are given to me, I can get a good idea of what size of cello we need, but they will never all agree on one size. If the measurements point towards two sizes evenly, I will always recommend the smaller size of cello for ease of learning for the student. 

“Graduating” to a larger size of cello always inspires students to recommit to their music, but once they realize they must relearn how everything feels this joy becomes frustration. The cure for this is to play all their favorite easy songs each day and slowly they will adjust and forget how different it is. Fingerboard games, ski jumps, and string crossing songs are big helpers.

Should you be in this process,I hope the process is motivation and a little challenging, otherwise how boring would life be?!