wonderfully terrible christmas music finale 2015


Friend gatherings, cookie decorating, Muppet Christmas Carol…man, I love the holidays! Here is the complete installation of the #25daysofwonderfullyterriblechristmasmusic and a few fun shots from this crazy month. Peace and joy to you and yours!

Ella the reindeer

Ella Fitzgerald the cold-nosed reindeer!

Spelling stockings

A loving in-law forgot how to spell my name 🙂

Holiday piano

Time to jam!



wonderfully terrible christmas music days 6-13

Christmas sign round
And the collection continues! If you missed days 1-5 of #25daysofwonderfullyterriblechristmasmusc, check it here!

#6 A breathy “Oh Santa” by Kylie Minogue

#7 “12 pains of Christmas” with terrible audio and GREAT video

#8 Weather Girl’s “Dear Santa (Bring Me a Man) 80’s YES!
#9 (You know I love a cappella but…) Sing-Off’s “Little Saint Nick”

#10 I needed a pick-me-up so the WONDERFUL Rockapella “Glow Worm”

#11 a creepy/sad minor version of “All I Want for Christmas is You”

#12 the great Love ctually “Christmas is All Around” 

#13 is not really a Christmas song but surely a new classic from Christmas Queens album “This is How We Jew It”

Enjoy this & last year’s complication!


holiday break motivation

Me: This is our last lesson for 4 weeks – can you believe it?!
Student: Oohhh. (insert sad face here)

Colored pencilsYep, that was several students’ reactions during lessons this week. No joke.
Aren’t I a lucky gal?! Now, not every musician wakes up in the morning and thinks “I need to practice as soon as possible or the world is over.” (For me it is coffee first, and then practice.) So how to keep those cellists going over this holiday season? Answer: adult coloring pages! Here’s how it works:

Each piece/etude/scale series the student practices equals 1 small area of the coloring page. Practice French Folk Song 10 times in a row? Color 10 spaces!

Even my young adult/adult students were pumped. EVERYONE loves to color.

Here are a couple free pages that are super fun from The One and Only Colouring Book for Adults:

Coloring houses








Coloring waves








I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

wonderfully terrible christmas music days 1-5

Christmas music is wonderful – truly, I am one of it’s biggest cheerleaders! But every once in a while you get that song over the store radio that makes you wish for an ear infection or swimmer’s ear to avoid the painful sound waves attacking your poor, innocent sound receptors.

Thus #25daysofwonderfullyterriblechristmasmusic was born. See the full playlist from the last 2 years:



This year I have even received requests, so if you have anything you wish to submit, I’d be willing to subject myself to the torture 🙂 Here is this year so far:

#1: Anna Kendrick and Snoop Dogg mash-up (a new classic.)

#2: RuPaul’s newest gem “Christmas Cookies” (much love to RuPaul though, just not my jam.)

#3: Switch it up with the terribly wonderful Muppets!

#4 Revamp of the Chipmunk Song where they awkwardly flirt in Spanish…

#5 A new release from Phoenix featuring Bill Murray and I believe a theremin (?)

Christmas music

If you have any wonderfully terrible ideas to submit, comment below!

Spooky Twinkle


Meet Smithson the Spooky Bat!

Twinkle twinkle little bat,

how I wonder where you’re at!

Swooping through the darkest night,

Find your way without a light.

Twinkle twinkle little bat,

how I wonder where you’re at!

{Sung to the tune of Twinkle in minor, so cellist should play Bflat on the A string – low 1 instead of regular 1 – and F natural on the D string – 2nd finger instead of 3rd – to get our spooky sound}