games for the littles

Sometimes little cellist need a break from the constant routine of practicing:

  • scales
  • bowing
  • trouble/preview spots
  • review
  • polish piece
(Don’t get me wrong – that is a pretty good way to organize your sessions.)


When you need those odd pick-me-ups, here are a few websites that have music and cello-related games for kids to explore their creativity:

NY PHIL has a little bit of everything related to a symphony

SF Symphony games for all ages

Hearing Games pitch matching 

Steven Isserlis has a few puzzles and word games (looks odd but links work)
and the mother of all theory sites for kids:

Make Music Fun has online games, worksheets, and supplementary music ideas

In my studio I will be rolling out a few in-house games over the summer, and I will post them online once I introduce them in person. 

Happy Practicing!