revolutionizing practicing

There are moments where you need to break something down to its basest of forms. Or times when you have learned a skill, just not to the speed of the only recording you have. Or sometimes you just need to ignore the speed limit and go for it. 

Enter AnytuneImage

Some of my students can attest to this app being both wonderful and hateful at the same time. Anytune is an app that can record (or upload) a piece of music and gives you the controls to slow or speed up the tempo without altering the pitch. Should you want to key up a piece to better suit your student’s range, it can do that too. 

Technology has truly enhanced how I run my studio (and I’m not just talking about my dice rolling app) but giving a student the ability to record an exercise in the lesson, take it home and break it down has been invaluable. From pre-twinklers to Shostakovich players, this app has helped my students of all ages. The base price is free, but should you be a person who needs convenience of uploading songs from itunes or the cloud, you can pay more for premium features. 

According to their website they are coming out for an app for mac itself, but it is also available for android should that be your cup of tea. Next I challenge them to come out with an app that allows me to change songs from major to harmonic minors…